COVID relief to India, Sri Narayani Hospital and School July 2021 Update

Dear Friends,
We would like to thank you for donating to help alleviate the COVID crisis in rural Southern India as the virus ravaged the country. The Sri Narayani Hospital and School were grateful to receive your love, care, and donations.
While the need is always great, we want you to know that COVID is much better under control today than it was two months ago. Miraglo Foundation was able to assist in:
  • buying life-saving ventilators, oxygen, medicine and other needed supplies
  • making more doctors and other staff available to treat patients so that people were not dying in waiting rooms and streets
  • providing food for thousands of rural villagers surrounding the hospital and school who couldn’t earn money due to the pandemic
  • keeping nursing students in their programs
  • paying teachers’ salaries
…and so much more. We wanted to share these photos. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for your willingness to help. As you know, the pandemic is not over yet. The hospital, school, and surrounding community presently face the prospect of a fourth wave of the virus in August. Donations are still needed.

Sri Narayani Hospital and Resource Centre (SNHRC)

The Sri Narayani Hospital and Resource Center (SNHRC) is the only charitable acute care hospitable in the region offering state of the art medical care, including surgery, that is provided to anyone without regard to his or her religion or ability to pay. In addition, the hospital operates extensive non-profit community health and humanitarian programs in 58 rural villages in Southern India. SNHRC is a 200 bed charitable acute care medical center which treats in-patients and outpatients. The clinics provide a complete series of immunizations to children since opening in June 2004.
The hospital has  physicians,  specialized in Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Neurology, Diabetology, Orthopedic Surgery, Obstetrics, Gastroenterology and Nephrology. In January 2012 the hospital opened up a new dialysis center with 26 hemodialysis machines. Miraglo foundation has assisted purchasing these machines and other medical equipment. There is also a 24 hour Pharmacy, a 24 hour Ambulance, CT Scanner and a Medical-Pathology Laboratory. Geographically relevant research in communicable and non-communicable diseases is ongoing. 

Southern India

We invite you to assist and help with these programs which are located in Southern India. There will be various educational scholarships and grants awarded as we strive to assist children and young adults from preschool to college including vocational programs. If you have any question regarding our programs, please contact us.

Care is provided to over 58 villages with a population of 140,000. Public health clinics are also present in local village schools. Community members are trained to provide health and nutrition education to mothers and children.

Public health education and preventive medicine clinics address the most common medical challenges of the region including nutrition, diabetes, heart disease, water sanitation, personal hygiene, HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, malaria prevention and maternal-child health.

The SAMMM Project

Miraglo Foundation is proud to support the SAMMM Project in helping women in Southern India to become the bread-winners in their families. The women hand-make organic puja (prayer) items such as incense and rose water, and they sew kurta tops (traditional Indian shirts) and tote bags made from end pieces donated by suppliers. As shown in the pictures below, each bag is sewn with attentive care by these inspiring and hard-working women.

Green Shakti – Reforestation

Ecological imbalances are the current issue that are of great concern to humanity all over the world. Sri Sakthi Amma has launched a reforestation program, under the guidance of the Indian Government’s Forest Department, to develop a green belt in and around Vellore valley. The project also provides employment opportunities to the local villages in developing and protecting the forest cover, and in educating villagers in making a livelihood out of eco-friendly and recyclable natural resources without deforesting. A Solar Kitchen to Rural India to feed 20,000 people per day in Southern India . This project is in keeping with the Vatican Climate Change Conference declaring an end to wood and coal burning stoves.

Over 600,000 trees have been planted in the region to increase vegetation and ameliorate the effects of deforestation.