Dear Friends,

The Board of Directors of Miraglo Foundation at Pacific Pearl La Jolla, California, would like to extend our gratitude for your continued support. Miraglo Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of Integrative and Holistic Medicine through education and research and in providing healthcare, and education to underserved communities, both here at home, and around the globe.

2023 brings continued challenges as the economy faces the impact of inflation and global unrest, climate change and increasing natural disasters. Our planet earth is in crisis and the disasters-natural and man-made- have exposed health disparities, increased food scarcity, and created unprecedented challenges to people worldwide. To complicate matters, healthcare workers are leaving the field in record numbers seeking respite from the increasing demands and burnout that are threatening their own health.

At Miraglo Foundation, our mission is to assist communities locally in the San Diego area and globally with urgently needed healthcare and support. The need is palpable with the Ukraine war continuing into its third winter and the Middle East crisis which has challenged the entire world. More and more people are desperate for healing, and we are committed to educating healthcare professionals about integrative approaches for patient care and self-care.

The Miraglo Foundation’s vison of healing people and transforming lives through Integrative Medicine education, research and serving under-served locally and globally has enabled us to promote Integrative Health and Medicine education worldwide. Miraglo Foundation and the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM) pledged to usher in a new generation of skilled providers who are trained in delivering holistic care.

Pacific Pearl La Jolla or “The Pearl” has become a hub of Integrative Health, Healing and Education. The Pearl is the home to Miraglo Foundation, Guarneri Integrative Health Inc. (GIH), and the Taylor Center for Integrative Medicine Education and Research. Under Dr. Guarneri’s preceptorship, MD’s, AIHM fellows, 4th year medical students, and physician assistant students rotate at the Pearl as part of their formal education.

Thanks to YOUR generous gifts! We have been able to transform many lives in San Diego, nationally and internationally. Please take a moment to read about the blessings your donations have provided.

6919 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037 I PO BOX 1270, La Jolla, CA 92038 I (858) 459-6919 I I

Miraglo Foundation Local and National Projects 2023:

  • AIHM Annual Conference: Convening healthcare providers around the world in San Diego, and virtually over 30 countries. Thanks to an educational grant from the Taylor Family Foundation, countless lives will be touched by these healthcare providers.
  • AIHM Fellowship Scholarships: Providing financial scholarships and support for selected clinicians such as White House Scholars and under-served healthcare providers.
  • Dr. Mimi Guarneri’s work and Guarneri Integrative Health Inc. (GIH): Educating and training the next generation of holistic providers, as well as writing and speaking nationally and internationally, as Founding President of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine.
  • Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI): Conducting research on biofield therapies.
  • Healing Beyond Borders: Providing educational grants to support virtual education.
  • Feeding America San Diego: Provides food to those in need in San Diego
  • Tariq Khamisa Foundation: Teaching children conflict resolution and anti-bullying.
  • Monarch School: Supporting a public K-12 school for homeless children in San Diego.
  • Community Resource Center (CRC): Supporting the CRC in Encinitas in their mission to address domestic violence through education, crisis intervention skills, and outreach.
  • Solutions for Change University: Supporting a Vista, CA educational program that assists children from low-income or homeless families.
  • Center for Community Solutions: Providing health education for needy families in San Diego.
  • La Jolla Community Health Fair: Acting as a sponsor for the La Jolla Community Health Fair’s annual event.
  • Maui Fire: Providing disaster relief to people affected by the Maui fire.
  • Light Bridge Hospice: Delivering Integrative therapies for people on hospice care.

Miraglo Foundation Funded the Following International Projects:

  • The 2nd World Congress: Integrative Medicine and Health in Rome: Dr. Guarneri and Rauni Prittinen King presented and met with international colleagues, including the WHO.
  • Doctors Without Borders: Provided humanitarian aid for crises in Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Gaza,

Israel, and Afghanistan.

  • Direct Relief: Supported the provision of medical supplies to Ukraine humanitarian crisis.
  • UNICEF USA: Assisted children/humanitarian crises in Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Gaza, Israel, and Afghanistan.
  • Heart Surgery for an Afghanistan child born with congenital heart defect: Provided visas and

arranged for a successful surgery in Bahrain.

  • Sri Narayani College of Nursing: Provided scholarships to Sri Narayani College of Nursing in rural Southern India. Thanks to the generous donation of the Vanier Family Foundation.
  • Divine Love World Charity: Supported the planting of trees in Southern India to improve climate health.
  • Pre-School Teacher Support in Southern India: Sole support of a pre-Kindergarten teacher in rural India.
  • Shantipuri Friends Foundation: Support of education to underserved children in Northern India.
  • The Global Mountain Fund: Supported the building of schools in rural Himalayan villages of Nepal.
  • Friends of Maiti Nepal: Supported a USA based organization to provide education and

rehabilitation as well as healthcare for women and children who are victims of human trafficking, in Nepal.

Miraglo Foundation would like to thank the individuals that have supported our vision of Healing People and Transforming Lives, through Education, Healthcare, and Research.

A special thank you to the following organizations who made specific projects possible:

Taylor Family Foundation

loram Holdings Inc./ loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. Ace Parking Management, Inc.

Vanier Family Foundation

Johnson & Johnson Matching Gift Program Margot & Thomas Pritzker Family Foundation Food Revolution Network

Holistic and Integrative Medicine Resources Inc. Guarneri Integrative Health Inc.

Miraglo Foundation’s vision for 2024 includes building a healthy nation by providing Integrative Medicine education-lifestyle change, mind-body medicine, prevention, nutrition, and fitness-to patients, as well as healthcare providers. Miraglo Foundation will continue to support the further expansion of international healthcare provider education. We plan to increase our collaboration with local community programs in San Diego County and will continue to support and expand our international service programs as our budget allows.

With your financial support we will achieve these goals and our mission of Healing People and Changing Lives Locally and Globally. “Giving Tuesday” is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, November 28th, and we hope you will donate to Miraglo Foundation. Please send us a check or visit our website for online donations: No gift is too small. Together we will transform the healthcare system and the world.

Many Blessings for a New Year filled with Peace on Earth, Health, and Prosperity!

From the Heart,

Rauni Prittinen King MIH, RN, HNB-BC, CHTPI                        Mimi Guarneri MD, FACC, ABOIM

President and Executive Director                                               Treasurer