Research / Grants

Research Focus:
• Bio-field therapies
• Global healing traditions and new models of healthcare

• Improving healthcare in under-served communities
• Improving education in under-served communities

Education in under-served communities development projects:
• Health education and resources (SNHRC)
• Resource stabilization
• Research Funding Proposals (RFP):
• Application procedure guidelines:
• Current proposals / Open RFP’s
• Application reviewed by the board

Evaluation – Diligent follow up on:
• Donated funds – requests for grants, granting funds, follow up results, feedback to the donors.
• Donated goods – requests for goods, quote in writing, invoice and payment of the goods, follow up with delivery of goods and  feedback to the donor.
• Research outcomes – research proposal in writing, research site, team selection/IRB as needed, research implementation, data collection, outcome write up, publication, feedback to the specific donor.

Grant Application:
Print out the application, fill out and either send to us by mail or use scan/email:
Miraglo Foundation
6919 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92037

Application in a PDF  – click here