Natural Doctors International

The oldest naturopathic global health organization promoting holistic healthcare for all. We provide health professionals, students and others with the opportunity to serve in the global community through our Nicaragua Integrative Clinic and with our global health policy work. Since 2005, NDI has provided over 25,000+ free visits and over $750,000 in donated medicine to the local community while also contributing to naturopathic global recognition efforts leading to the World Naturopathic Federation formation. 

Mari Kelley Cows’ Project in Uganda

Mari Kelley Cows’ Project is a multi-disciplinary project that is dedicated to the sustainable development of local communities especially disadvantaged households. It is a non-political, non-profit Organization whose sole interest is improvement of the welfare of all humanity most especially the widows, orphans, elderly, people living with HIV/AIDS and people with disabilities.

The main objectives of Mari Kelley Cows’ Project are to help individual pastoral households or communities to build up lost herds and flocks in a sustainable manner; to assist beneficiaries to acquire new animals especially dairy cows; to acquire animals which will be used as a form of disaster relief as part of the rehabilitation process or as development effort.