Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Miraglo Foundation at Pacific Pearl La Jolla, California, we wish to extend our gratitude for your continued support. Miraglo is dedicated to the advancement of Integrative and Holistic Medicine education and research and to providing healthcare, services and education to underserved communities.

We are closing in on the year 2021 and the pandemic has continued to expose health disparities, increased food scarcity, and has created unprecedented challenges to the existing healthcare system. Miraglo Foundation’s focus has been to assist communities locally in the San Diego area and globally with urgently needed medical supplies and food. As many of you know, our current healthcare system is barely able to handle our patient’s physical needs and their mental, emotional, and spiritual needs are often not addressed. Currently, more and more people are looking for care that is truly healing. It is our commitment to educate healthcare professionals about integrative approaches for patient care and self-care. As you know, many doctors and nurses are leaving their professions due to burn out. The Miraglo Foundation’s vision of “healing people and transforming lives through education, health and research” has enabled us to promote Integrative Health and Medicine education locally and globally via virtual platforms to reach healthcare provider communities all around the world. 

Pacific Pearl La Jolla or “The Pearl” has become a hub of Integrative Health, healing and education. The Pearl is the home to Miraglo Foundation, Guarneri Integrative Health Inc. (GIH), and the Taylor Center for Integrative Medicine Education and Research. The “Pearl” has become an educational and training hub for students; 4th year medical students, physician assistants and doctors completing their fellowship education. Your generous donations have allowed this education to continue.

Our planet earth is in crisis in more ways than one. Many of you know that in November 2017, Miraglo Foundation co-sponsored a summit (with UCSD and WHO) with the Pontifical Academy of Science on Climate Change and Health.  All of the presentations were edited into a textbook, which is now available as an online e-book, Health of People, Health of Planet, Our Responsibility. Dr Guarneri contributed to one of the chapters. You can get a free digital download of this book by going to our website: The planet warming is creating many health-related issues for all living beings, especially humans. We will follow the recommendations of the experts and top scientists on this ongoing issue.

Thanks to your generous gifts, we have been able to transform many lives in San Diego, nationally and internationally. Please take a moment to read about all the blessings your donations have provided.

Miraglo Foundation Local and National Projects 2021: 

  • AIHM Annual Conference: The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM) annual conference was virtual for the past two years due to COVID-19. Thanks to an educational grant from the Taylor Family Foundation, Miraglo Foundation was able to open an online interactive educational platform for national and international healthcare professionals. Over 1000 healthcare providers joined from around the world. For the first time ever, we were able to provide simultaneous Spanish translation which enabled clinicians from Central and South American countries to join. Imagine the lives that will be touched by the training of over 1000 clinicians and nurses in about 30 countries!
  • AIHM Fellowship Scholarships for clinicians from underserved clinics.
  • Dr Mimi Guarneri’s work and Guarneri Integrative Health Inc. (GIH): Education and training in Integrative Health and Medicine has been an important part of this global movement. As a Founding President of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, Dr G has been training physicians and other healthcare workers, as well as writing and speaking nationally and internationally at various healthcare conferences.
  • La Jolla Rotary educational scholarships: Strive Scholarships for underserved children
  • La Jolla Community Center: community education
  • Healing Beyond Borders: Educational grants for Healing Touch, a biofield therapy.
  • iSight Mission: Provides life changing eye surgery in developing countries.
  • Tariq Khamisa Foundation: Teaching children conflict resolution and anti-bullying.
  • Monarch School: San Diego, CA, a public K-12 school for homeless children.
  • Community Resource Center (CRC): Encinitas, CA for domestic violence, education, crisis intervention skills and outreach to create paths to safety, stability and self-sufficiency.
  • Solutions for Change University: Vista, CA educational program assisting children from low-income or homeless families.
  • Center for Community Solutions: San Diego, CA, health education for needy families.
  • Light Bridge Hospice: To provide Integrative therapies for people with life threatening disease.

Miraglo Foundation Funded the following International Projects:

  • Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre: Southern, India.  Southern India was hit hard with the Delta COVID-19 in the spring of 2021. Thanks to your reply to our call for help, Miraglo Foundation was able to provide fast financial assistance to purchase many of the essential medical supplies for the hospital and the clinics. They needed oxygen, ventilators, IV supplies, dialysis machines, beds, medications, and many other things in addition to usual personal protective gear.
  • Sri Narayani College of Nursing: Significant funding for scholarships to Sri Narayani College of Nursing, in rural India. These young women are now needed more than ever to take care of the sick in the hospitals during the pandemic wave and provide a livelihood for their families. 
  • Sri Narayani School was closed due to the pandemic. Many of the students living in the rural villages were not able to get computers, electricity or even transportation (due to gasoline shortage) to the areas that provide on-line education. Their loyal teachers were doing their best to continue teaching without wages. Miraglo Foundation was able to provide funds to provide educational material, transportation and support to over 1500 students.
  • Divine Love World Charity: Community food offering in rural India for thousands of people.
  • Green Shakti Narayani Siddar: Which feeds 5000-7000 people per day in Southern India.
  • Pre-School Teacher Support in Southern India: To provide education to low-income children.
  • Shantipuri Friends Foundation: Supports education to underserved children in Northern India
  • Beyond Borders: Assistance to Haiti Earthquake relief
  • The Global Mountain Fund: Building schools in the Himalayan villages in Nepal
  • Friends of Maiti Nepal: Nepal, a USA based organization focusing on supporting Maiti Nepal (Mother’s Home) in Kathmandu, Nepal. Maiti Nepal, provides education and rehabilitation as well as healthcare for women and children who are victims of human trafficking, HIV and AIDS.

Miraglo Foundation would like to thank all the individuals that have supported our vision; Healing People and Transforming Lives, through Education, Healthcare and Research. 

A special thank you to the following organizations who made specific projects possible:

Taylor Family Foundation

Loram Holdings Inc./ Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc.

Ace Parking Management, Inc. 

Vanier Family Foundation 

The Rob and Melani Walton Foundation

Miraglo Foundation’s vision for 2022 includes the creation of a global movement for Integrative Health and Medicine. To achieve this goal, we will support the further expansion of international healthcare provider education, translation of online Integrative Health and Medicine education into Spanish and enhancing our residency and clinician training programs. Resiliency training for healthcare providers is a 2022 priority. We will increase our collaboration with local community clinics that are already providing healthcare to under-served populations in San Diego County to support their Integrative Health and Medicine services. We will continue to support and expand our international service programs as our budget allows.

With your financial support we will achieve these goals and continue to support our mission of Healing People and Changing Lives locally and globally.  As you know, the international “Giving Tuesday” is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, this year it is on November 30th, or any time is good.  Please send us a check or visit our website for online donations.

Many Blessings for a New Year filled with Health, Peace and Prosperity! 

From the Heart

Rauni Prittinen King MIH, RN, HNB-BC, CHTPI (President and Executive Director)

Mimi Guarneri MD, FACC, ABOIM (Treasurer)