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Miraglo Supports: Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Center

President of India cutting ribbon for opening of Sri Narayani Cardiac Cath Lab and Open Heart Surgery Suite

In 2018, the President of India, Shri. Ram Nath Kovind helped open the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and Open Heart Surgery Suite at Sri Narayani Hospital. Medical Director Balaji Nandagopal, MD (far left) looks on.

In 2016, Miraglo Foundation provided the seed money for to a new cardiac catheterization laboratory and open heart surgery suite at Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre in Tamil Nadu, India. Miraglo continues to support the hospital with both funds and educational resources today.

Sri Narayani Hospital was established through Sri Sakthi Amma’s divine vision to provide relief to poor, rural villagers who cannot travel far for treatment. Sri Sakthi Amma sought to bring the sophisticated medicine available in urban areas to all who come, no matter their ability to pay. The 250-bed multi-specialty hospital serves thousands of patients monthly by providing diagnostics, imaging services, surgical procedures, complimentary food and medicine, and aftercare. From Diabetology and Dermatology to Rheumatology and Vascular Surgery, Sri Narayni Hospital has brought relief to tens of thousands of poor and rural villagers since 2007.

After over 10 years in operation, however, the dire need for angioplasties, stents, and open-heart surgeries in the region drove directors to seek funding for a dedicated Catheterization Laboratory and Open Heart Surgery Suite. Today the cath lab and suite advance the prevention, early detection, and treatment of cardiovascular care in this underserved community. 

Miraglo Foundation encourages partners and friends to join it in supporting the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and Open Heart Surgery Suite. The Miraglo Foundation is a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, dedicated to providing healthcare and education to the underserved, locally and globally. 100% of donations to Miraglo reach the designated organization. Please call us 858-459-6919 x239 or email contact@miraglofoundation.org to explore how you can support Sri Nayarani hospital.

Integrative cardiologist Mimi Guarneri MD at Sri Narayani Hospital Cath Lab

Miraglo treasurer and integrative cardiologist Mimi Guarneri MD reviews a patient’s films at Sri Narayani Hospital in India.

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