We had an opportunity to present in many conferences on Integrative Medicine, including: 

• Brazil 2-conferences on Integrative Medicine, sponsored by Brazilian Ministry of Health

• WHO/PAHO Nicaragua conference Miraglo Foundation is a member of the Global Health Council.

• Pontifical Academy of Science 3-day meeting in Vatican convening experts on Climate Change, Co-sponsors. Dr. Guarneri was one of the presenters on Health and Health of the Planet

• Sustainable Health Symposium, Cambridge, UK, Co-sponsoring this event

• Sri Narayani Hospltal and Research Centre, Southern, India. The hospital expansion is under way to include a cardiac catheterization laboratory and open-heart Surgery theater. Currently 56 cardiac patients per day die in the SNHRC Emergency Department. These lives could be saved if the proper interventi ons, such as stenting, angioplasty and open-heart surgery was available. This project was a Miraglo Foundation priority for 2017. We are happy to say that the cardiac cath lab is able to open up in December 2017. We still need open-heart surgery theater

• Sri Narayani College of Nursing, scholarships for nursing students

• Sri Narayani Hospital and Resource Centre, Scholarships for medical students

• SAMMM Project in Southern India a micro-loan project, empowering women to learn to craft shirts, prayer items and tote bags to become the bread winner for their families.

• Supporting a pre-school teacher in Southern India to provide care and education to the children of very lew -income homes, enabling the parents to work.

• Natural Doctors International NDI is a global health organization that promotes holistic healthcare for all “JY providing free health services to underserved communities focuses on service, educator, policy and research. DIOSA is a holistic health and empowerment program for women, children and families on the island of Ometepe, Nicaragua, the only clinic providing healthcare for 45,000.

• Support Healing Touch instructor to teach biofield therapies to the underserved in South Africa

• Friends of Maiti Nepal, Nepal, is the USA based organization focusing on supporting Maiti Nepal (Mother’s Home) in Kathmandu, Nepal. Maiti Nepal focuses on rescuing young children –mostly girls that have been victims of human trafficking. Our funds have been able to provide education and rehabilitation as well as healthcare, including hospice care for the women and children infected with AIDS.

Miraglo Foundation would like to thank all the individuals that have supported our vision, Healing people and Transforming lives, though education, health and research, locally and globally. No gift is too small to make t he difference to those in need. Together we can and will continue to create miracles.