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Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine 2020 Conference San Diego
Healthy People Healthy Planet Book Cover

A Gift from Miraglo for International Healthcare Providers: AIHM 2020 Conference & Membership

Dear International Colleagues,

Throughout our travels and conferences, we have had the pleasure of meeting you and connecting. Due to the pandemic and limited travel, our annual Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM) conference, People, Planet, Purpose October 9 to 11, 2020 is now virtual.  We are happy to announce that a generous gift from the Taylor Family Foundation to our Miraglo Foundation,, has made this conference available to all international healthcare practitioners, free of charge. READ MORE  


Book Launch: Health of People, Health of Planet and Our Responsibility

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences recently hosted a 2-hour virtual event  to mark Springer’s open access publication of Health of People, Health of Planet, Our Responsibility. 

This book resulted from the Pontifical Academy of Sciences 2017 workshop of the same name at the Vatican. The workshop was funded by UC San Diego Institute of Public Health, The World Health Organization, and The Miraglo Foundation. Speakers included climate and air pollution scientists, policy makers, faith leaders, politicians, Nobel laureates and physicians, including Miraglo treasurer, Mimi Guarneri, MD. Speakers addressed how climate change, if left unchecked, can become a human tragedy of immeasurable proportions, particularly to the poorest three billion people in the world.

As we are now learning from the global response to COVID-19, a refocus of climate change in terms of human health impacts may bring in massive public support for climate actions.



A Message from Rauni: Enlightening Ourselves at Summer Solstice, Juneteenth and Father’s Day 2020

In my native Finland, Summer Solstice—the longest day of the year and it is really long, the sun does not go down at all above the Arctic Circle —is considered the second most important holiday behind Christmas. We go to nature, cabins, boat, gather, and build bonfires. Legend says that on midsummer night any young woman who puts seven wildflowers under her pillow will dream of her future fiance. This celebration of the longest day of the year or Summer Solstice is an ancient practice in many different cultures. It is a celebration and connection to the light. In the spiritual tradition, we know that light always overcomes darkness.


Mountain with Pine trees at foothills affirmation

Get Miraglo Founder Rauni Prittinen King’s Daily Affirmations in Your Inbox Every Morning

For many of us, it feels that our life is out of control. We face bad news, financial challenges and a pandemic that has no clear end point. It has forced us to stop and take note of how we live our lives and what truly matters.

How do we stay grounded and feel more powerful, despite all that is going on around us? This is a time to take care of ourselves first, before taking care of others—even when we are caregivers. How do we stay calm and strong when all this chaos is around us and in the world? I felt a daily affirmation could help.


President of India cutting ribbon for opening of Sri Narayani Cardiac Cath Lab and Open Heart Surgery Suite

Miraglo Supports: Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Center

In 2016, Miraglo Foundation provided the seed money to establish a new cardiac catheterization laboratory and open heart surgery suite at Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre in Tamil Nadu, India. In addition to these initial funds, Miraglo drove fundraising efforts to bring in even more much needed support. Recently, Miraglo provided funding for Sri Narayani Hospital’s two new ventilators, critical equipment for treating those suffering from Covid-19.


Green Sakthi members planting trees

Miraglo Supports: Green Sakthi

Every year, The Miraglo Foundation supports non-profit environmental program Green Sakthi with a generous gift. Green Sakthi grows and plants trees, manages 2 tons of waste each day, and educates local school children on environmental sustainability. In 2020, Miraglo is supporting Green Sakthi’s solar kitchens. Read more about how these solar kitchens prevent air pollution, deforestation, and hunger while providing 5,000 free meals to the community each day.


Health of People Health of Planet and Our responsbility at the Vatican

Vatican Summit on Climate and Health

In November of 2017, Miraglo, along with UCSD and others, co-sponsored a health and climate summit at the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Science. Attendees of the summit were Nobel laureates, scientists, politicians, religious leaders, politicians, and healthcare providers, including Mimi Guarneri, MD and Rauni Prittinen King RN, MIH from Miraglo Foundation. Read the declaration and list of signatories here.  READ MORE

San Diego Woman Magazine’s Women of Distinction Articles

Rauni Prittinen King RN and Dr. Mimi Guarneri, Co-Founders of Miraglo Foundation are featured in San Diego Woman Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Issue as a Women of Distinction. READ MORE

Advancing Heart Care in Southern India

The Miraglo Foundation is pleased to announce its support of the Sri Narayani Hospital & Research Centre in rural Southern India, specifically, the build out of a Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and an Open Heart Surgery Suite. READ MORE

Epic Portable Microscope is helping restore eyesight

Miraglo Foundation’s grant to iSight Missions for the Epic Portable Microscope is helping restore eyesight to those underserved worldwide. READ MORE

Coming of the Light: The 2015 Integrator Top 10 for Policy and Action in Integrative Health and Medicine

The Biofield Science initiative, co-sponsored by MIRAGLO FOUNDATION, and the resulting Special Issue on Biofield Science by Global Advances in Health and Medicine, are recognized in Huffington Post, December 24, 2015. READ MORE